I love Newtown in Sydney Australia

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We went to Newtown today with our Funcle, to go to a cool Turkish Café, there were lots retro shops selling international wares there, lots of places to choose from to eat, flowers shops, cafes, gift and arty farty buildings, its … Continued

Bondi Beach and Sydney CBD

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We hit Sydney’s Bondi Beach today such a cool place, plenty of picture opportunities, cool cafes, everyone is literally beautiful or has a really cool threads… check it out at our Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.454154834750659.1073741830.441531179346358&type=3

Travel Heads leaving Cairns

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‘Today we head off to travel the world, crispy new passports arrived just before Christmas, check-ups done, immunisations tick, travel insurance tick…then there was the wait and endless “mummy how many more days? from my baby Kid 4. But this … Continued