Monkey Mountain & the Banyan Tree – Some days are just perfect…Da Nang Vietnam

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This morning our friends from Vang Anh Guest House and their family who have become our Vietnamese clan have taken the day off to take us to Monkey Mountain (Son Tra Mountain to locals)about 40kms North of Hoi An. On he way we came through Da Nang, which specializes in Marble Carving and past an iconic Goddess of Mercy (son Tra Quan Yin) carved from marble. She is a staggering 69.7 metres tall & her lotus flower stands at 35 Metres, she is a land mark for the monastery (we will see this another time)  Monkey Mountain is known for its spectacular view from the main peak, and now incredible coastal resorts. We tried to drive to the very very peak to locate monkeys, our mini-bus couldn’t make it & I was far too hot to walk with 7 kids in tow. We drove further on another 4 kms to an Ancient Banyan Tree, which was spectacular, but the coastal view and breath-takingly scary road there and back took the cake. It would be a knock-out on a motorbike. From here we settled in for the day at Tho Thue Choi a local secret hide-away restaurant (address in photos) , which has lots of beach huts nestled along the beachfront upon boulders. You can order food & drinks here and swim from the platforms. We ate we drank, we slept, laughed, collected shells to cook up later and just took in the perfect day we were having thanks to our beautiful Vietnamese family.

The photos of this place go on forever, you just couldn’t take a bad photo….every direction was more scenic than the next & today was just perfect’ – the beauty of life is sometimes just in the simplicity of the contentment of doing nothing and being at peace in each others company, which is a gift in itself.

On way home and we stopped off to see some marble galleries. Please follow this link to see more images https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.472013692964773.1073741902.441531179346358&type=3

Fabulous Day in Vietnam  🙂 thanks everyone xxxxxxx