Kiting at An Ban Beach – Vietnam

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99this evening I headed off to An Ban beach with my two mates Da and Hoang, it was amazing to see how many people were heading to this beach  heading to the beach on there motor bikes .As we arrived on this beautiful evening,  we saw  hundreds of people swimming in the shallows & watching the sunset, with a pink mist hovering across the mountains. We were also  listening to one of Bob Marleys best songs (is this love) play live a restaurant near by. This was a truly  amazing night for everyone, every seat on they beach was getting used and plates of food were getting served to families  and friends around us.  We also couldn’t help ourselves but to order some food as well, we ordered ‘Com Ga’ which is chicken rice, also shrimp rice and a margarita pizza from a restaurant near by, all severed under coconut umbrellas and lovely padded seats. there were even people selling quail eggs and boiled peanuts.  My two mates & I, pulled out our kites with a bolt of excitement, as they shot into the sky they looked incredible, everyone turned to see these two shark kites flying across the sky like birds In the wind accept they were sharks!  As we were the only people on the beach flying kites, lots and lots of people were interested. Kid 2 and I went for a big swim straight after dinner because you’re not allowed to swim after 7pm because that’s when the Life Guards clock off incredibly funny to see the life guards hovering over everyone in their cereal bowl like boats in the waves, so cool.  It was one of my most favourite moments at the beach. Please follow this link to see more images https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.469378119894997.1073741888.441531179346358&type=3