Thanh Ha Pottery Village in Hoi An – Vietnam

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Hey guys kid 2 here. So this afternoon Nguyet took me to the Thanh Ha Pottery Village located 3km west of Hoi An. Back home in Australia, I did a term of pottery lessons in art class and I really enjoyed it, so I was more than happy to go along today. We visited a pottery gallery which was amazing, I would definitely recommend it as a place to not miss while you are visiting Hoi An. As you arrive in through the entrance there is a little alleyway with small statues which were pretty cute & intricate. They have a garden in front of the main building surrounded by a little pond. On the grass they laid out all different kinds of clay sculptures for viewing, whilst walking through the gardens. We made our way inside the building where there were tiny people and ducks statues. There was also a great bench made out of a tree slab. We walked around inside for a while and took some photos, &  headed outside for a glass of lemon juice to cool us down, it was a really hot day. The best part of the gallery was seeing all the major city icons made of clay by local artists on display. Next we made our way to Nguyet’s friends pottery shop, all inspired to have a go at making some pottery myself. There I was able to have a go on the spinning wheel and made 2 miniature vases. The lady who owns the place was really great to learn from, a patient teacher. Afterwards she took the time to show us around her place for a while. Later that evening we went out for a walk in old town there we had a go at a public game that was going on and then enjoyed some more lemon juice. please follow this link to see more images