Happy home coming in Hoi An

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We feel like we have been away for ever, so many people to catch up with and visit. Even granny Tro came on scooter to visit from Cam Island when she heard we were back. Over the coming days there were 5am beach trips with Nguyet, old town walks with Da entertaining tourists with his fake selfie-stick antics, kid 2 back to bombing tourists for fun (naturally we consider ourselves locals now). The local lantern street vendors gave Lily a free lantern to lower into the river and make a wish. We have had dinner served on An Ban beach with Lily and her family watching an incredible sunset.

We have enjoyed fresh palemelo, mangostein, loquats & mangoes on peoples porches & are back to drinking fresh squeezed sugar cane juice, lemon juice and coconuts whilst walking around relishing every single moment. Im probably a bit painful, reminding the kids how cool each of these moments are and how lucky we are. Lunchtime the street vendors are ready to receive our requests for mango, strawberry & coconut/avocado smoothies with dried cranberries in the bottom….yum and only $1-1.50 each using a whole fruit, none of this icy shit. Please follow this link to see more images https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.473059709526838.1073741907.441531179346358&type=3

Life is good.