Leaving Da Lat, heading home to Hoi An – Vietnam

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Our final breakfast in Da Lat with the ,Eilfel Tower of Dal Lat.’view, coffee with a friend and we are on a Futa sleeper bus to Hoi An by 4pm.

We are as happy as pigs in mud, we have most of the back row seats, the best leg room ever, the flip side is we have to share the row with the bus drivers on rotation – we can live with that.The front bus driver immediately put some Theatre DVDs on full blast. The rotation bus rotation driver next to us sang his little heart out for the next two hours

Kid 3 offered his seat to a man the row in front of us, he was in his late 20’s & had a sick wife and toddler on the bus, kid 2;s seat was next to her. Within minutes he projectile vomited into his foot capsule, your feet kind of go into a shoot which is under the seat in front of you. After several heaves he was offered a plastic bag, which he took and promptly filled. We did not stop the bus and no fuss was made at any stop or ever, it remained with us for the entire trip, he just slept with his feet hanging outside his cubicle.  It was flowing down the aisles and he spent about half an hour mopping it up with his blanket and collecting the bits in his palm. It was night time when we stopped for a dinner break, he took the bag with him and left the festering blanket, tissues, and vomit filled capsule on the bus.

Awwwww the smell wafting through air vents that cant be turned off blowing on you the whole way isn’t worth tyring to describe, I wouldn’t even come close. Its just not something you can adjust to. Lucky that we were all distracted with the crazy crumbling, downhill winding roads, bucketing rain, & all the miniature cottages colourful cottages. I convinced her the rainbow over the valley we came across was a good sign, it wasnt our day. Kid 2 was in a frenzy, she was certain our hours were numbered and this bus was not the way to go, she also couldn’t find a comfortable way of breathing without allowing the vomit smell to enter via her mouth (vomit particles ewwww) nor through her nose. She painfully carried on until she eventually fell asleep under the blanket holding her nose. I slept on and off until we came to the bottom of the mountain around 5 am and enjoyed some of the most incredible coastline sunrises Vietnam must have to offer.

Friends Tommy and Nguyet (meaning moon) drove 30kms to pick us up from Da Nang bus Terminal, we were all so happy each other, it was a sombre ride home –  they had witnessed a fatal truck/scooter collision on the way to Da Nang, only one of 20,000 people who will lose their lives on a scooter in this country. We witnessed 3 scooter fatalities in our first few days in Hoi An.

We were greeted with lots of love in Hoi An at Vang Anh Guesthouse by Anh and her wonderful family, we were invited for dinner yay!!! friends & home-cooked food. We quickly changed and walked around our ancient, divine little temporary home to hunt down drinks & cakes for desert, it felt so tip-top to walk through this place and see the familiar colours, smells, streets, boats and serenity we have become addicted to.

So good to be home amongst our buddies 🙂

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