Linh Phuoc Pagoda Our favourite Temple in Vietnam so far – Da Lat

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(end of Trai Ma St Da Lat)

We caught a cab to a few different temples today, this was our favourite place of worship so far throughout, Vietnam, with the Jesus statue in Vung Tau coming close behind.. It cost us under $15 AUD for the day. How? the cab driver just stops the meter & happily sleeps in the cab whilst youre in visiting temples for 2 hours and takes then takes you to the next place. They will tell you if theyre happy to wait.

I wont bore you with too many details, but this place is mind blowing, we spent 3 hours here, and returned the next day with a friend visiting to  it again, it was just as gobsmacking the second time. This Pagoda was built between 1949-52 & renovated in 1990. There are meticulous sculptures of dragons throughout the buildings, which  have been sculpted from pottery bowls, porcelain and glass. As you arrive, the first building on the left has a museum worthy display of marble sculptures and unearthed gemstones, some freaky statues of monks from the past & the burial site of one of the Buddhist leaders.

Then the main hall of Linh Phuoc Pagoda, which you can only photograph from the front door, there is a 4.8 metre highGolden Buddha Sakyamuni inside, upstairs, bells, Buddhas, the monastery and more temples.

Next entry to the right of the main hall, Dragon Park or Garden (Long Hoa Vien) a fantastic vegetarian café & gift shop selling Buddhist items & dried fruits over looking a pond and this amazing 49 metre dragon made of winding glazed porcelain and 12,000 empty beer bottles. The head of the dragon, which is the entrance gate is 7 metres high.

The main tower Da Bao, is 27 metres high with 7 tiers, the tallest in Vietnam all showcasing one Buddha god or goddess more beautiful than the next, one wood, one marble and so on, as you travel up the tiers the view becomes more spectacular. The main bell tower holds the largest bell in central Vietnam weighing 8.5 tons, and has a circumference of 2.5 metres, this alone took 1 year to make. We were all welcomed to write a prayer to pop on the bell and then bang it 3 times (the best part).

Next to the bell tower is an open worship hall showcasing a giant female Buddha statue decorated with thousand of dried flowers.

When you think this impossibly beautiful place couldnt get any better, and why should it? You arrive at the main hall which is 33 metres long and 12.5 metres wide housing yet another Gigantic Buddha. The sounds of  Buddhist chants playing and prayers combined with the golden goddesses lining the hall & inticate mosaic work is just beyond words. You could just sit here listening and looking over every little detail all day. Just spectacular. Please follow this link to see more images https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.471376329695176.1073741901.441531179346358&type=3