Batu Caves & Temple – Malaysia

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After our sleep in at the Citrus Hotel ($50 per night inc huge buffet breakfast for a family room) we headed to the Batu Caves by train today, a really cool, must do thing in Malaysia. On the way we found female only carriages at the train terminal 🙂

Batu Caves are located in the Gombak district, about 15 min train ride out of Kuala Lumpur, located on a limestone hill, it is the most popular Hindu shrine in the whole world outside of India. The Caves are said to be 400 million years old. The location was discovered in 1878, now features a 31 metre tall Hindu God & 272 wooden steps built in 1920’s which leads you to several Hindu shrines. There was a small entry fee of 5 ringgit to get into the Ramayana Cave.

We really enjoyed it here, kid 2 Made it up to the top first. Even if your not into shrines, watching the monkeys steal everything off the tourists is priceless. When you get to the top, you can see the monkeys rubbish pile and see them making their way up the wall of the cave through the hole in the top with their babies. The Caves are amazing, and you are in awe at the amount of love and work has gone into this tourist mecca. There are souvenir shops on top of the hill and refreshments, expect to pay more. There are countless pigeons, souvenir shops, vegetarian restaurants & flower stalls at the base. There is also a small zoo nearby. It wasn’t warm and fuzzy here, we had Indian and were treated poorly by most people we came across, so we cleared out quick. Overall, wouldn’t miss it for the world. Please follow this link for more images from this day