Last days in Tekek – Tioman Island

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Kid 3 got lucky and went with Sham, (Tioman Cabana owner) to hit the surf at Mentawak Beach near Juara Village and had a first hand opportunity to see some endangered mouse deers. We hit a local shopping centre that didn’t allow kissing, bikinis, ice cream or alcohol, which is just weird because, they sold everything listed except kissing (I believe?). Martin, rock-climbing instructor & dive instructor on Tioman came to visit us for a few hours 🙂 and an exhausted kid 3 slept in the hammock whilst the girls paddled along in the sunset without fear. Im amazed at the change in the girls attitude towards deep water in the past weeks, especially considering they really do know what’s down there now. In the evenings Kid 3 learnt to play the tambourine and even hit the microphone singing ‘Ice Ice Baby’ by Vanilla Ice with Wasabi’s endless encouragement and smiles. The well rehearsed flame juggling taught by Abass ended well, Terima Kasih (thank you) all for our magical stay on Tioman Island. Please follow this link to see more images at