Friends, sunshine & diving in Tioman Island Malaysia

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We are still in Tioman Island on The Air Batang side, at a rate of $27 per night for our family room, including hot water. Our days begin with hugs from the tiniest & cutest Rollipah, the sweetest cleaner at Johans Chalet you could ever meet. Rollipah often sneaks up with fresh pomelo at lunch time and snatches extra hugs. We have enjoyed most of the restaurants along the strip, gasped at many sunsets at Nazris Sunset bar & mellowed out with new found buddies listening to Rudys band at Peace Bar many times. We have danced and laughed, shared stories and tears. Monkeys have chased us, and we have become accustomed to chasing them back without fear. Ghost sightings coming from the many wreck sites around the island have become regular local tales, we cant tell if theyre pulling our leg, but you have to give it to them,  pretty enthusiastic with their stories. No sick days to date, although, living off carbs and sugar is taking its toll, Kid 4 has lost some teeth, no relevance to the diet. Fruit and veg is limited on the Island, as it all comes on boat, nothing is really produced locally. We have had some great BBQ’s at Eco Divers, with freshly caught fish, and built friendships that will last a lifetime. Kid 3 has finished his Junior Dive Certification with his first 18 metre deep dive complete. The girls are still powering along, Kid 2 has ear equalisation issues and kid 4 has been open water diving, but still has a way to go. We have had an amazing time, we are heading to the other side of the Island tomorrow…as our Visa is coming to an end and we have agreed to visit Sham one of the dive crew in Kuala Lumpur on our way to Vietnam. Everyone is sad, I am happy to be able to comfort everyone with news that our beloved dive crew have agreed to visit us in a couple of days on the other side of Tioman for catch-ups. The experience here was totally unexpected, thanks heaps to everyone at Air Batang, we will miss you. Please follow this link to see more photos