Tioman Island – why 2 nights became 8….TBC

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In the past days, we have learnt a lot about our little Island home:

– where all the best Monitor Lizard viewing spots are

– kids have learnt the joy of hand washing clothes and to keep fruit hidden from cheeky monkeys who will slide down onto your roof-top on their balls down the electricity cables & sneak in to the chalets during nap time and steal your bowling ball sized pomelo fruits that you have pain-stakingly peeled the inch thick skin off. Big hint, close the windows! https://www.facebook.com/pages/Johans-chalet-pulau-tioman/495310120564363

– don’t pop your washing out before all this happens – the monkeys will eat the fruit on your washing.

– The earth shattering, bomb blast-like sounds in the mornings are infact not a wake-up call for breakfast, but a way of scaring cheeky monkeys off for a few hours in the morning.

– nearly all restaurants are closed or have limited menus between 12-4pm, everyone rests at this time, so have a big breakfast.

– The eerie call of the male Cicada, can last for up to 24 hours, the females are fleshier on the BBQ.

– The pink-house sells home-made samosa, banana leaf wrapped fried rice with chilli & anchovie sambal, fish balls, fresh donuts, French toast,  iced coffee & milo in a bag…..get up early, its all over by 8am or earlier if the food runs out. There’s no signage.

– There is an incredible crew of people at Eco divers who have taken us into their family and are helping teach the kids to dive. The divers are Jeffery (owner) Alice (sexiest dive master youll ever meet) Sham (everybodys best friend) Romina and Harry (the cool couple) and Martin (rock-climber with his Spanish Abs) seemed to have something for everyone. We also have become great mates with Jane the regular from Singapore and Jonathan (Mr Bubbles) learning alongside our crew. The kids are learning about buoyancy, currents, & you can swim alongside a shark without being devoured, theyre on their way to becoming junior divers.

– Nazris Sunset Bar at the Southern tip of the Air Batang side of the Island has incredible sunsets, free wifi from 3pm, live bands, killer pizza, dragon fruit or fresh coconut smoothies and icy cold beer to die for. If youre lucky enough to be at Nazri’s Place next door early in the morning you can watch the chef make fresh layered roti & dahl while you hand feed the fish from the restaurant window.http://www.tioman.org/nazri-place.htm

– Tioman Islanders love their cats, we didnt meet anyone who doesnt own one, infact we met a man who has 12.  There is 1 dog, they don’t like them as much as cats.

– No one walks unless youre a tourist, everyone rides a bike or scooter, but running is not appreciated.

– Local women don’t move around alone.

– Palm oil is alive and kicking here.

– Every night there is a perfect sunset

– Shells collected on the  beach are perfect shades of pastel here.

– There is a place called PEACE Bar, about half way down the Ayer Batang side its small and cheerful with million dollar views, DJ plays smooth tunes by legends every night. Get lost in the night and have a dance with a stranger. Rays band plays there most nights, they are a bunch of spunky and smiling divers (from Rays Dive) who morph into singing stars after hours ( Check them out http://youtu.be/IIRC7YWH1MU )Their equally spunky and always smiling girlfriends, serve you duty-free priced drinks, welcome you to make yourself at home. Ask the girls about hand-made souvenirs.

– Muslim people caught drinking on this Island will potentially get themselves into a lot of shit.(see image of local signage)

– According to tourists and locals, whatever happens on Tioman stays on Tioman.

Please follow the link to see many more images  https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.458815914284551.1073741852.441531179346358&type=3