Singapore Zoo is the bomb

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Singapore Zoo here we come!

We finally get to see what all the fuss is about with 1.6 million visitors each year, we were totally pumped about heading to the Singapore Zoo with the D Family. A surprising, only $25 entry each inclusive of breakfast with the Orang utans, there are seemingly happy animals everywhere. During the breakfast show, you have the opportunity to watch the female Orang utans, climb down from tall trees over head to feed with their young and you have the opportunity to stand infront of them for a photograph to purchase later whilst you enjoy a seated buffet breakfast. The trust & love between the attentive keepers was really nice to see. I was in an absolute head-spin over how many impatient people shoved their kids infront of these animals outside of the photography area within an easy arm reach of protective female animals???? seriously people??  Free-ranging, over-head through the centre of the park are busy Orang utans swinging through trees, via ropes above your pathways. It truly has to be seen to be believed, just mesmerising, you could easily spend the day watching these guys alone. There were some male Orang utans which seemed to be kept in a viewing area. As we walked amongst the crowd, one of the Orang utans seemed really distraught, walking up and down until he spotted kid 4 and to everyones amazement, he stopped and they had a really special connection & touching moment. This moment went from a tourist photo frenzy and fun for all involved including kid 4 to something really sad and hard to watch. Kid 4 felt his sadness and wouldnt leave him. Kid 3 & 4 plotted & debated for sometime about how this beautiful creature could be freed.  “Hes really, really sad mum, how can we break the glass?”  its not fair, we have to get him out!” a broken hearted kid 4 kept pleading with me. All I could do is explain how very important he is to the zoo and breeding programs for their continued existence, we spoke about the awareness he has brought to her world forever & how we can research helping the critically endangered orang utans in other ways. Here is a great place to start & do not buy palm oil products, the de-forestation of habitat for orang utans for palm oil trees is the main culprit of their diminishing numbers. There are large realistic enclosures, with underwater galleries & quality shows all day long at various amphitheatres and stages throughout the zoo. Don’t miss the elephant show, which ends with a great interactive elephant experience for the kids. There is a fab waterpark to cool down inclusive of entry for which we weren’t prepared, but made do and loved it. There are informative signboards letting you know how many of each animal is left until extinction…pretty sad statistics, but thought provoking for all of us. Thanks again to the information boards we have a new found love for mole-rats, they are really cool. What are the chances of a ‘Great Rift Valley of Ethiopia’ section to the zoo? inclusive of huts & canyons etc?, we really enjoyed this section. There are also botanic like gardens, boat rides, pony rides, merry-go rounds and endless over-priced tourist food and souvenirs to buy for those that are into that thing kind of thing. It really was a fantastic day, we ended it with a train ride to Little India to immerse ourselves in more culture, the flowers, temples and of course the amazing food. FAB day, thanks for coming along D Family :-)Please follow this link to see more photos