Bird Song Park and MacRitchie Reserve

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This morning, on recommendation we headed to a place called Birdsong  near Block 159 Ang Mo Kio Ave 5 Singapore, this locals only secret spot was recommended on our first day in Singapore. We caught a cab so we don’t miss the spectacle & arrived at 7.30am with our coffee in in a bag, to at an open park, which was like an oasis amongst high-rise complexes. We arrived to the most beautiful scene of hundreds of birdcages, hung high on flag poles for their morning sing together. It seems all the owners are old gentleman who sit around and socialise drinking their teas & coffees while their beloved birds sing their little hearts out to each other. We sat on a park bench for about an hour whilst the constant flow of passionate people over 50 mostly practiced their tai chi & yoga around us. This was pretty surreal, like standing on the outside looking into another world, so cool.  In the afternoon, Mrs D took us to one of her favourite escapes today, the beautiful and serene MacRitchie Reserve (otherwise affectionately known as ‘Monkey Park’), a totally unexpected riverside park in Singapore, we hunted high and low for pesky monkeys who are regulars to welcome new arrivals….we were too late in the afternoon, but we had a nice walk and had a glimpse into daily life away from the hustle & bustle. A hop skip and jump away is the Singapore Botanical Gardens, the lushness reminded us of home, a place also well worth the visit and a great place for a jog if its your thing. Please follow our blog posts at