Changi & Pulau Ubin – Singapore

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I wont spend too much time on this post, Pulau Ubin was a nice bum boat ride off Changi Point Ferry Terminal, whatever advertised old world village feel it had no doubt existed, but its seriously long gone, now its mostly dilapidated old homes, pretty palms, an over priced hostel and a few bike trails. Scenery similar to our home Far North Queensland. We found the people in Changi centre on the mainland far from friendly or helpful, and we did go to the Changi War Museum, which had moved to a new location, no longer in the prison itself and none of the taxi drivers could locate its new whereabouts. After a good 5km trek in the heat of the day via misguided sources, we found The Changi Museum & Chapel, once again…it wasn’t a great experience nor an appropriate memorial to the POW’s. Lots of photocopies, drawings & animations. Difficult for me to interpret, let alone the children, Google sorted it out. Please follow this link for more images