• Exterbal stair case decoration on a building in Arab Town

CBD Singapore & Holland Village homes

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Kindly Mrs D drove us to the Vietnamese Embassy to apply for our Vietnamese Visas, so we decided to look around Holland Village (Luxury housing images), and make our way to see the fresh food markets behind the hawker centre which is like the local food court. We found some ornamental pineapples and over priced fruit and vegetables. Apparently  pricing is absurd because all fruit and vegetables are imported from neighbouring countries, Singapore has no more farmland available here to mass produce fresh products. In the Village we also saw people wearing weird matching clothes in co-ordinated parachute material pushing around their sausage dog in the pusher. We caught the train into see all the architecture in the CBD, its the first time we noticed all the cameras. There are at least 10 cameras focused on the underground as you come up the stairs and stand outside the station, although its a little confronting, it does make you feel safe. We walked around the CBD and had our first glimpses of some very cool architecture, its like a design competition has taken place and Singapore won, for example ‘The Marina Park Sands Skypark’ – the whole view across from the Esplanade Drive to the building is mind blowing, like a scene from out of space.  The Marina Park Sands is a spectacular Casino & hotel with a viewing deck/observatory & a pool on top with a killer bar amongst other facilities www.marinabaysands.com, we are travelling

There are beautiful sculptures everywhere in the CBD, people are polite, don’t push, and behave in an orderly manner, but like we found out today don’t stop….keep up the pace, like working ants. Theres no real chatting on the subway, its like quiet time, everyone is trying to catch a quick nap or on their gadgets. We went as far as we could on the local train and we saw endless high rises going up, and no rubbish. Its amazing considering the population that its simply spotless everywhere, gardens are immaculately manicured & there is a ban on chewing gum in this country, no one is allowed to sell it, we didn’t see it anywhere…also absolutely no eating or drinking on public transport, which is also unbelievably clean. We visited The famous Raffles Hotel which was packed with people enjoying a by-gone era. We spotted dried packets of frogs today for snacks on the way to Saint Andrews Cathedral. Struggling with food today, local delicacys are pretty unfamiliar to us, though we are trying lots, we are not yet satisfied and the western food tastes odd and is triple the price of the local if not more….I know, I know ‘first world problem’. We are really fortunate, Mrs D and family feed us every morning, so we have been eased into it and most nights too, we decided we need to try harder, so we snuck home for a quick dip then made our way to Arab Town for snacks and then Little India for main course. Kid 3 had his first coffee in a bag and rose water cordial and jelly tea seems to be the bomb here.