Leaving Adelaide Australia – heading to Singapore

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We left Adelaide last night, sombre goodbyes, mixed emotions, we are all excited about our adventure, but we leaving behind our beloved soul families after we have just had the best times with them…many have promised to meet us during the next 12 months during our adventures, so fingers crossed. We went for the late flight to allow more time in Adelaide, but it meant 8 hours stop over in Darwin Airport, which other than a crusty café, really doesn’t even have a chair to sit on, it was really shit until the international airport opened and we had an hour before our flight for a quick sleep. We arrived in an orchid lathered, bright and bubbly Singapore Airport absolutely pumped to get out there and see the world. We are staying with friends we haven’t seen for at least 8 years, the D family in Holland Village. On our journey to their home we are impressed with our drivers version of Singapore who was oozing with pride about his great country, the love of the local police who create peace in their country, no corruption and bribery here, and many cultures and classes living in peace. He also filled us in on upcoming and ambitious town planning forecasts, while we admired how clean Singapore was, and beautiful manicured. We landed in the D familys house and got to know each other again, our families have both grown since we last met, but some things never change. Sweet start to our holiday xxx thanks heaps Please follow this linke to see more photos https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.457125004453642.1073741842.441531179346358&type=3