Travel Heads leaving Cairns

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‘Today we head off to travel the world, crispy new passports arrived just before Christmas, check-ups done, immunisations tick, travel insurance tick…then there was the wait and endless “mummy how many more days? from my baby Kid 4. But this morning we are really leaving Cairns, wholly the day has finally come…months of deliberation, research, packing, organisation, planning, worry, excitement, counting down, goodbyes, checking and re-checking, then re-packing. We have had those backpacks ready for weeks, final days spent carting to the dump and storage, cleaning, painting, crashing with generous friends. There have been many sleepless nights debating with concerned ones about timing and risks taken with career, schooling to make this dream come to life…but deep down it just feels right, always has. Look at these faces, they have no idea whats ahead and frankly either do I, but we cant wait. We are making our way out of the country via Sydney, Adelaide then Darwin to visit some friends and look around our beautiful home ‘Australia’, then kicking off our trip in Singapore. Woo hoo!!!

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