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Arrived in Sydney – Lane Cove National Park “Glamping’

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Airport dramas, learning curb Lesson number 1: Read the fine print when booking additional luggage, the weight varies, lucky we arrived an hour early and entertained the 100 or so onlookers while we re-arranged our luggage. Thankfully a trusty friend on hand to take home the excess, plus a hefty excess luggage fee to remind us to look closer next time. On the way through airport security Master kid 3 beeps.. worried about popping his grandpas travel knife in the under carriage, he popped it in his pocket at the last minute unbeknown to me the responsible adult, once again thank you to our trusty friend who the security guy was quietly ok to take the knife home on the way out…

We barely heard a peep out of baby kid 4, it was her first time seeing clouds, fascinating stuff – you never forget the first time do you.

Immaculate timing when visiting Sydney for The Trave Heads, our local besties ‘The Funcles’  were ‘glamping’ at The Lane Cove Tourist Park in the Lane Cove National Park at Macquarie Park. According to the locals its one of Sydneys best kept secrets, so shhhhh!

The Funcles had a double tent site & a car for storage, air beds, refrigeration – hence a nice soft intro to travelling. We were greeted by Kookaburras, Rosellas, bush turkeys, possums, sexy foreign neighbours & local executives choosing to camp for a month at a time to get away from the rate race and still commute to work, I can understand why…you could be anywhere, a million miles away from the hustle and bustle a big city.

There were cabin and campervan options, internet, plenty of hot showers, electric barbeques and lakes for fishing, check them out at www.lanecoverivertouristpark.com tent sites around $39 per night.  Pretty cool spot www.lanecoverivertouristpark.com

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